Sustainable Beauty

Central to the concept of #sustainablebeauty is a deep reverence for the gifts of nature. The enchantment of natural elements, sourced directly from Earth, serves as a cornerstone in the quest to protect our planet’s splendor. By minimizing our dependence on synthetic chemicals and prioritizing the virtues of natural substances, we initiate a harmonious relationship with ingredients that honor and maintain the fragile equilibrium of our environment.

Typically overlooked by-products such as seeds, leaves, peels, and stones are often cast aside, yet these remnants harbor a wealth of nutrient-dense components and key bio-active compounds including high levels of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that provide significant benefits for hair and skincare.

At Ovviovita, we source our oils from suppliers who employ a zero waste to landfill policy. The waste generated from raw materials that are grown specifically for oil production is managed meticulously by the supplier, preventing it from ending up in landfills. They are harnessed as natural fertiliser or utilised for animal feed, nurturing the earth and supporting local agriculture. In adopting sustainable and natural beauty regimes, we contribute to a healthier planet and embrace a holistic approach to personal care, where beauty and sustainability are inextricably linked.

We are extremely proud of this ethos and are excited to introduce this sustainable and natural beauty range to a wider audience!