Roots or tips – The best way to oil your hair

Once you decide to embark on your natural hair care journey make sure you choose the right products that suit your hair type and are free from silicones, parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, artificial colors, & petroleum. In order to decide on the best way to oil your hair, check your scalp.

If you naturally have a oily scalp with a high amount of sebum production then apply the oil on the rest of your hair and concentrate on your tips. However do gently massage your scalp for 5-7 minutes with your finger tips after you have oiled your hair since it stimulates the pores & follicles, boost circulation and encourages hair growth. Follow this process once a week with our Olio Divina Hair Oil for best results.

If you scalp is dry then you need to gently massage the oil in your scalp and and apply the oil all over your hair for best moisture sealing and softening results. Also once you are done with the oiling and massaging use a hair brush and comb your hair. This action encourages the oil to travel from the roots to the tips and keeps the moisture locked in. Follow this process twice a week with our Olio Regina Hair Oil for best results.

Bottom up approach.
You need to start with a relatively small amount of oil in your palm, apply to the ends and move up, lessening the quantity as you go towards the scalp. Ensure that you use an oil that is light weight and easily absorbed. Scalp nourishment is necessary for healthy hair follicles, frizz control and to promote hair growth.