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The wholesale packs are a great option to bulk buy our products for yourself, friends, family or to give as gifts. We have flexible options available so you can chose the products you want in each pack type. Just order the pack that suits your need and in the Notes section of your order, add the products you need in your custom designed wholesale pack.

You can also request for product brochures in the notes, if you plan to sell the products to your friends and family.

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PACK Type 1  – RRP: £228/Wholesale Price: £159 

2 * TYPE A products, 3 * TYPE B products, 4 * TYPE C products, 1* TYPE P product,


PACK Type 2  – RRP: £326/Wholesale Price: £199

4 * TYPE A products, 4 * TYPE B products, 4 * TYPE C products, 1 * TYPE D products, 1* TYPE P product


PACK Type 3  – RRP: £150/Wholesale Price: £99

10 * TYPE E products


TYPE A products – – RRP:£24 each –  100ml Olio Divina/Regina Hair Oil,  100ml Magic Citrino/Opale Body Oil 

TYPE B products – – RRP:£22 each – 250ml Olio Divina Shampoo/Conditioner, Diamante Hair Mask, Opale Massage Candle,Herbal Bliss Body Wash

TYPE C products – – RRP: £19 each –  50ml Hair Nourishing Balm, Hair Protein Treatment, Cracked Skin repair balm, Glow Face Mask, Any hair brush (head massage, hair drying roller, wide anti-static comb)

TYPE D products — RRP: £28 each – 200ml Rosehip & Sandalwood Cream, 50ml Beard Oil

TYPE E products — RRP: £15 each – 30ml Olio Divina/Regina Hair Oil/ Magic Opale/Citrino Body Oil

TYPE P products — RRP £32 and over – 50ml Magic Elixir Face Oil, 50ml Olio Elixir Glossy Leave-in serum (Premium range products)

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