Head Massage Hair Brush


Get your hair out of tangle more easily without breaking or frizz, giving your hair shine and extra volume. This Denman head massage hair brush has rounded boar bristles that eases scalp tension, stimulates blood flow and promotes growth.

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A premium quality scalp massage airbag hair brush with sleek ball-tip and anti-static boar bristles which safely detangles your hair with no pain. The boar bristles in this hair brush is inserted in the high-resilience air bag base is made with high quality eco-friendly rubber which massages your scalp to ease tension and stimulate blood flow.

With daily use of this hair brush, you can

  • Reduce frizz & Breakage
  • Massage your scalp promoting hair growth
  • Remove excess oil, dead skin & dandruff
  • Restore nature shine
  • Add softness to your hair

Material: Natural Solid Wood & Eco-friendly rubber with steel bristles


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Dimensions 24 × 8 × 2 cm