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Introducing our revolutionary Wet Hair Detangling Hair Brush, designed to effortlessly glide through wet, tangled locks with minimal effort and maximum comfort. Say goodbye to painful tugging and hello to smooth, knot-free hair!

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Crafted with the finest quality materials, our Wet Hair Detangling Hair Brush features a unique combination of flexible bristles that work in harmony to gently detangle your wet hair without causing damage or breakage. The soft yet sturdy bristles effectively separate each strand, reducing hair loss and leaving your locks feeling luxuriously silky.

Suitable for all hair types, from fine and straight to thick and curly. Whether you have long, flowing locks or a stylish short cut, this brush will become an essential tool in your hair care routine.

Not only does this brush excel in detangling wet hair, but it can also be used on dry hair, making it a versatile addition to your styling arsenal. Its innovative design helps to minimize static, leaving your hair looking frizz-free and naturally glossy Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to navigate through your wet hair with ease. Its lightweight construction ensures effortless maneuverability, so you can detangle your hair in no time, even when dealing with the most stubborn knots.

Make the detangling process a breeze and enjoy luscious, knot-free hair with our Wet Hair Detangling Hair Brush. Treat yourself to this essential tool and experience the joy of painless detangling every day. Order now and discover the secret to effortlessly beautiful hair!

Use it everytime you apply our hair oils. It is important to detangle your hair before applying our luxurious Ayurveda inspired Olio Divina & Olio Regina hair oils

Size: 23cm (L) * 8 cm (W)

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