Innovation in Natural Beauty

Using transformative power of plant chemicals, Ovviovita delivers holistic wellness through a luxurious, plant-powered Ayurveda inspired beauty rituals. We are a celebration of natural beauty and ancient wisdom, reimagined for the modern era. Our unique formulations are ancient family recipes that are rooted in Ayurvedic traditions and have shown revolutionary results on thousands of customers.

Not only do we use non-toxic & hypoallergenic ingredients in our formulations, we emphasize on using fewer, multi-functional products that streamline beauty routines while minimizing environmental impact. For example: our multi purpose skin repair balm is safe to use on men, women & children, repairs dry cracked skin and can be used on face, lips, body, hands, elbow & feet.

The ingredients that we use in the formulations not only care for your hair & skin but also enhance mood and well-being. The best review we have ever received which is a testament of the quality and efficacy of our range is from Beverlie Summers in 2017 about the Magic Opale Body Oil – “This is my best product ever for many reasons! Magic Opale Body Oil.. a magical blend of lavender and rosemary and geranium which claims to help with stress and anxiety and poor sleep. I use it as a massage oil in my work with Helen Bamber Foundation Mother and Baby Group. The women I massage have all been victim of rap or torture or trafficking and are here as refugees. They almost all suffer terrible flashbacks and anxiety and post tramautic stress and that they have built up trust to allow me to gently massage their hands and arms is remarkable. I discovered this oil through the My Best Product Ever site and I have to tell you that it is absolutely incredible. The aroma is divine and very pure. I can see up to 16 women at a session and by the end, the whole room smells wonderful.
The oil is so good at helping the women calm and relax that I am now putting in a bulk order to decant into little bottles for them to keep with them and use at night to help them settle or during the day if they’re feeling anxious. It is really light to use and glides beautifully for massage. I cannot recommend this product for its high quality, pure ingredients, relaxation properties and wonderful perfume!