Avacado Oil

They are found to be effective in smoothening up the skin stature thereby maintaining a silky skin tone. The antioxidants present in the oil is also found to be capable of soothing even sunburned skin. The vitamins and minerals in avocado oil boost your skin’s ability to generate more and stronger cells. The high level vitamin E, potassium, and lecithin which are the primary skin-feeding nutrients in the oil are all easily absorbed through the epidermis – the outermost layer of the skin – and into the dermis where they provide energy for the growth and health of new skin as well as fortification of existing cells. The same nutrients in avocado oil which make it ideal for moisturizing and feeding skin are also exceptionally nourishing for your hair. It improves both the appearance and structure of existing hair while at the same time promoting healthier and faster growth of new strands. Avacado Oil also has very high anti aging properties capable of providing protection against free radicals. They work by penetrating deep into the skin cells and allowing them to function correctly even while they are getting attacked by free radicals. They have a very high proportion of good mono-saturated fats and it is them that forms a protective layer all over the skin to protect them from getting exposed to sun.