How to take care of low porosity hair

Hair porosity is a measure of the hair’s capacity to absorb and retain moisture. It also determines how much of the hair products pass in an out of the outermost layer of the hair called the cuticle layer. Your hair porosity affects the outcome of using certain hair treatments. the amount of time your hair takes to dry and also determines the number of days your blow-dry lasts for.

Do the strand test.
Take a glass of water and drop in a strand of freshly washed hair. If you hair sinks to the bottom then you have high porosity hair, if it floats in the middle you have normal hair and it floats on the top you have low porosity hair.

Low Porosity Hair Care Tips

For people with low porosity hair, it means that your hair isn’t absorbing nutrients from products and you need to take extra care of your hair and use the right products. Since you have closely packed cuticles, you need to ensure you dilute your conditioner with a small amount of water when you apply to make it possible for it to be easily absorbed and not sit on the hair shaft. You also need to use a deep conditioning treatment like the Diamante Hair Mask once a week to give that extra boost of moisture and also use heat/steam when the treatment is applied to your hair to open the cuticle making it easier for the water and moisture to be absorbed. You should also be warming hair oils before you apply to ensure that it is absorbed by your cuticles. Also using oils containing stimulating actives like rosemary can really help to promote the production of natural oils. Our Ayurveda inspired Olio Divina Ayurvedic Oil For Hair Growth hair oil is formulated with the blend of Rosemary and Geranium to stimulate the cuticles of women with low porosity hair. Since low porosity hair has tightly packed cuticles that make it harder for moisture and product penetration. This causes products to sit on the hair leading to a build-up on the hair and scalp. To deal with this kind of problem, low porosity hair should be washed with a clarifying shampoo that will help remove the buildup and dirt from the hair. The Olio Divina SLS & SLES Free Shampoo is a natural clarifying shampoo that is formulated with natural cleansers like Shikakai & Aritha and gently yet effectively remove the buildup from your scalp.

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