Do’s and Don’ts of oiling your hair

How often should I oil my hair?
The frequency of applying oil depends on the weather and the condition of your hair & scalp. Usually in summer when the weather is hot you should oil your hair once a week and when its cold, you can oil your hair twice a week if you like. Oiling your hair every day or not washing your hair properly after oiling will cause an accumulation of dirt and can clog your pores causing more breakage and hair loss.

Will I see more hair fall when I wash my hair after applying oil?
Applying too much oil on your scalp or applying oil when you have not washed your hair for 3-4 days and have an oily scalp will cause more hair fall when you wash your hair. Remember to have clean hair and scalp when you oil your hair. This increases the chances of absorption and also prevents your pores from getting clogged due to the dirt that is already on the scalp. Using a clarifying sulphate free shampoo will cleanse your scalp without stripping the natural oils. The Olio Divina Shampoo is custom formulated with Clarifying Shikakai, Cooling Fennel & Conditioning Amica. These high-quality soothing botanicals and natural cleaners not only cleanse your scalp gently but also stimulate growth & prevent hair loss. Apply fresh aloe vera on your scalp to cleanse scalp and promote growth. Watch this video to learn on the best way to make fresh gel and how to use it.

How much oil should I apply?
The amount of oil you should use depends on the type of oil and the length of your hair. You should apply a few sprays on your scalp and a few sprays on the mid and ends of your hair. Our range of hair oils ( Olio Divina Hair Oil & Olio Regina Hair Oil) are packaged in a glass bottle with a spray nozzle which makes it very convenient to use. Spray the oil directly in to your scalp avoiding wastage. Remember less is more, so do not over oil your hair since that will cause more hair fall.

What is the best way to oil my hair?
Divide your hair in equal sections. Start with your scalp and gently massage the oil in to your scalp using your fingertips in a circular motion. Comb your hair using a wide tooth comb to ensure that the oil spread from root to tip. Then apply a few spray at the ends of the hair if your hair is very dry and damaged. You should also warm the oil slightly to increase the chances of penetration in to the scalp. Our hair oils are packaged in glass bottles which makes it easier for you to warm. Just place the bottle in a cup of hot boiling water for a few minutes before applying. Watch this video on the best way to oil your hair using the Olio Divina Hair Oil

What is the best way to oil my hair if I have very oily scalp and dry ends?
If you suffer from very oily scalp, you need to start oiling your hair from the mid to the ends. Apply a few sprays of oil and massage it in to your hair from the mid length to the ends. Then comb your hair using a wide tooth comb from roots to tips to ensure that the oil spread properly. Now using your fingers, massage your scalp gently in circular motion. Do not apply any oil directly to your scalp.

How long should I leave the oil for?
Oil you hair for a few hours before you shampoo. Do not leave the oil on your scalp for 6-8 hours regularly during the day since it can cause dirt to accumulate and clog your pores causing more hair fall. If you are using a premium quality lightweight oil that penetrates your scalp effectively, you can leave the oil overnight once a month. Also do not tie your hair in a tight bun after applying the oil since it can cause more breakage. It is best to tie it in a loose braid or a loose bun after oiling your hair.

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