Bottles or Bars – Make the smart choice

At our most recent Natural Hair & Skin Care Retreat we had a session on harmful chemicals to avoid in bath products. We had a lot of discussion about switching from body wash to natural soap & conditioning bars and as promised we are publishing a blog on our recommended choices for natural alternatives. There are quite a few ethical brands that make these bars in small batches and instead of using harmful additives, artificial colours and fragrances they use natural herbs, roots and organic clays. One to look out for is the Chuckling Goat Kefir Cleansers made with a base of goats milk and award-winning kefir. Other good brands to check out are sedbergh-soap and cilisin which also have a great variety of natural soap bars.

For natural shampoo bars look out for herbal ingredients like lavender, tea tree, nettle, rosemary etc as part of the formulation. Friendly soap, natural soap company and foamie have some great shampoo bars.

Just like how our hair & body care products are made with an artisan blend of high quality ingredients these soaps are made using naturally lathering ingredients making your skin feel silky soft and smooth. Free from parabens, sulphates and other nasties and packaged in plastic free, environmentally friendly packaging.

Bottle or Bar ??  Make the smart choice, Make the right choice!