Ayurvedic mask for healthy hair

Ayurveda has a lot of secrets to help you solve the issues you face with your hair and scalp like lack of volume, dry and brittle hair, split ends, flaky scalp, dull hair, frizzy hair or chlorine damaged hair.

Diamante Hair Mask is a Restorative and Reparative Hair Masque Enriched with 7 different Ayurvedic herbs and oils to promote hair growth and keep the hair and scalp healthy.

  • Burdock Root oil contains vitamin A, which can help nourish the scalp and strengthen hair. In addition to promoting hair growth, burdock root oil helps with scalp irritation issues, dandruff, and itchy scalp.
  • Radish Seed oil  is a natural emollient from the Raphanus Sativa plant and is proven to improve hair strength and enhance luster and shine in to the hair.
  • Wheatgerm Oil has the highest content of vitamin E among all the vegetable oils. It contains a high content of vitamin A & vitamin D, protein and lecithin. The B vitamins in the oil stimulate new cell growth and tissue formation and contribute towards adding to hair volume. The vitamin E of the oil get absorbed into the scalp and helps to bring about improvement in the scalp. Overall this oil is the perfect oil to include in your hair care regime to promote hair growth both in terms of length and volume.
  • Sage oil which has moisturizing and conditioning properties and helps soothe irritation and prevent dandruff while cleansing the scalp to remove the look and feel of greasiness caused by excessive oil.
  • Rosemary oil which stimulates cell division and dilates blood vessels and, in turn, stimulates hair follicles into producing new hair growth. Rosemary is known to help darken gray hair over time and it is considered to be a stimulant for the roots and the scalp.
  • Lavender oil which is regenerative, improves blood circulation on the scalp aiding in hair growth as well as treats sleeplessness, stress and anxiety. Lavender oil is antiseptic and can be used to treat burns, cuts and acne and can be useful in treating dry scalp, fungi, bacteria, and other microbes.
  • Jojoba oil – The vitamins and minerals found in jojoba oil (vitamins B and C, zinc, copper) provide nourishment to the hair and help keep it thick and growing. The zinc that’s found in jojoba oil, for example, is vital for the tissue in the hair to grow, It helps the follicles grow and maintains the functionality of the surrounding oil glands.

In addition to these herbs our entire Ayurvedic Hair Care Range has the power of a variety of Ayurvedic herbs that helps to maintain the volume, thickness & shine of your locks.

  • Amla or goose berry is the oldest and most traditional ingredient used to achieve strong healthy hair. This super fruit has very high Vitamin-C content, acts as an antioxidant, enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation. It strengthens the roots of hair, maintains color, and improves luster. Amla helps improves hair growth and color due to the high carotene content, high iron content and general antioxidant capacity which reduces hair loss by not allowing free radicals to damage hair follicles or impact the hormones can have causing premature hair loss.
  • Brahmi coats the hair follicles with a layer of protection that provides luster and reduces the possibility of split ends. This also allows the hair to develop volume and length. With the use of Brahmi on a regular basis, the roots are well nourished. This allows the hair to grow with the support of thick roots. Brahmi also keeps the scalp cool allowing hair to grow and remain strong. Using Brahmi reduces dandruff and also prevents itchy scalp. This is because the scalp is nourished and the dry skin on the scalp is removed. Brahmi provides moisture to the scalp to take care of any moisture related issue.
  • Bhringraj powder, also known as Eclipta Alba, is an herb that belongs to the Asteraceae family and has been used throughout India for centuries.  Bhringraj means “Ruler of the hair”. It is best for hair loss, Premature graying of hair and helps to make hair strong.
  • Arnica provides invigorating nourishment to the scalp, which stimulates hair follicles to support the growth of new and healthy hair.
  • Neem is a multipurpose herb and because of its exceptional medicinal properties, it is often referred to as “plant with a promise”. Neem seed oil provides effective treatment option for damaged hair. The anti-bacterial formula of this natural product makes it an amazing smoother for the skin as well as for the hair.
  • Shikakai is rich in vitamin C and also Vitamins A, D, E and K and other antioxidants which are very essential for healthy and quick growth of hair naturally. These vitamins help in providing necessary micro-nutrients to the hair follicle to nourish hair and grow fast and healthy.