Our Inspiration

Ovviovita is a UK-based beauty, body and hair care brand inspired by nature. Drawing on the ancient art of Ayurvedic medicine, our passion is for pure and authentic beauty products that use herbal remedies to stimulate the mind, body and soul.

Ovviovita’s Philosophy

At Ovviovita, we fuse ancient wisdom with modern essential oils to create luxurious products that are completely natural, organic and free from harsh chemicals. With all of our carefully formulated beauty products, we invite you to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and immerse mind, body and spirit in botanical ingredients renowned for their positive effects on mood and emotions.

Why Ayurveda?

Also known as “Knowledge of Life”, Ayurvedic philosophy can be described as the science of living well. An Indian system dating back over 6,000 years, this ancient art takes a holistic approach to healing that emphasises the medicinal value of nature and encourages a proactive approach to wellness. 

Practised for millennia by sages and healers from the East, the many benefits of Ayurveda include flawless skin and ageless beauty – elements we strive to recreate through our range of products made with a contrast-rich blend of oils, herbs and flower extracts.

Our All-Natural Ayurvedic Beauty Products

All of our products are created in labs in the UK that pride themselves on Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure batch consistency and quality every time.

Every Ovviovita product is lovingly created by combining herbal extracts and essential oils in a carefully formulated blend. Each of our pure and authentic products is designed to solve a particular problem, from dry skin to damaged hair, and at the same time, to create a divine and luxurious multisensory experience. 

The Ayurvedic ingredients used in all our products are certified pure and organic. The organically-grown herbs are extracted using state-of-the-art techniques that retain the natural essence and efficacy of their active ingredients.

The Plant Power Behind our Ovvio and Vita Ranges

Ovvio beauty products are made with a luxurious blend of herbal and botanical extracts to help combat hair loss, dry scalp, damaged hair and dry skin. This potent blend of herbs in our luxurious botanical products is plant power in action: sample our selection of seductive body oils, body creams and masks for soft, glowing skin, or unleash your luxurious locks with herb-infused hair oils, balms and masks.

Our Vita range of lifestyle products are all-natural accessories designed to complement your beauty regime. Crafted from premium quality 100% silk, our raw silk gloves, head wraps and beauty cocoons are kind to the skin, protect hair from breaking and help to prevent split ends.

Events, Workshops and Retreats

Would you like to experience the power of Ayurveda in action?

We organise regular workshops and retreats to help you prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, brighten skin and maintain a healthy complexion. The workshops include live demonstrations, healthy recipes and reflexology massage training sessions. They are a great opportunity to ask questions, learn to live a holistic life and achieve long lustrous hair and flawless skin.
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